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Thread: If no-one can hack the Wii how come when you search on sites there are iso games?

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    If no-one can hack the Wii how come when you search on sites there are iso games?

    PLEASE answer
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    An ISO image (.iso) is a disk image of an ISO 9660 filesystem. More loosely, it refers to any optical disc image.

    Most CD/DVD authoring utilities can deal with ISO images: Producing them either by copying the data from existing media or generating new ones from existing files, or using them to create a copy on physical media. Most operating systems (including Mac OS, Mac OS X, BSD, Linux, and Windows with Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM panel) allow these images to be mounted as if they were physical discs, making them somewhat useful as a universal archive format.

    One can just use an emulator to run the image or copy the image with the appropriate software to another cd or dvd.
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    Because it's for modchips that have already been released for the wii. There are no emulators for the wii, never will be. Backdoors on the wii were found a while ago, it's the PS3 which hasnt been hacked...yet.
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    Anything can be hacked if given enough time. Wait a few months, even PS3 games will be "backup" -able.

    You can "backup" a Wii ISO's or download from Torrents and use speacial software to burn to disk. check out this:

    It takes about 3 hours to burn according to this post. {ersonally I'd rather just buy a game for 49 bucks than go through this hastle.

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    oooh my head.....this thread is confusing me.....


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