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Thread: Updating to d2x - do I need to update anything else first?

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    Updating to d2x - do I need to update anything else first?

    I've not been on here for a good while.

    Originally my wii was softmodded, I purchased it second hand and came on here and updated it to whatever was recommended at the time. I now put all my games onto the USB HD and use USB Loader GX to play them.

    1 new game refuses to work from USB though, the game is Now that's what I call music the game.

    After a quick look around on here I found this page:

    Which described using "cios 250 base 57 d2xv7". I'm OK at setting cios 250 but I'm lost on the next two bits!

    I followed the link which takes me to a guide to install d2xv7:

    But before I jump in do I need to update anything else first?

    I'm going from memory a bit but I have a White Wii, I could never get BootMii to install but Priiloader is installed and working. I think it was updated to 4.2 as part of the guide I followed. The only thing I've done in the past 18 months was to update one file to get worms to work from the USB drive.

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    Go to the d2x cIOS installation guide and follow the instructions,
    then load your game with the recommended cIOS.

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    Right I followed the guide,

    and installed it - all seemed to go well and it turned green and said success for both bits 249 and 250. The guide didn't quite follow perfectly for the software but I think it was close enough.

    But the game still won't load!

    It just hangs on the splash screen after the credit type screens.

    I've gone into settings and selected 250 for the game but it's made no difference!

    Is there any way I can check if it installed properly? Is there anything else I need to do?

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    Sorted by updating USB Loader GX to latest version


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