I used wii 4.3 U , and I would like to downgrade it to 4.1 U. I used letterbomb to install homebrew channel using my SD card 2 gigs. It worked the first time.
Afterthat, I downloaded the Dop-Mii v 15. I put it on my SD card again, I put it on my SD card root. I ran dop-mii until the moment I have to choose to download wad from sd card, or download wad from usb card, or download from nvs. At that moment I didn't set my wifi yet. And I exited dop-mii program to put my 4.1 wad files unto my SD card. after I put 4.1 wad files into my SD card, I deleted my letterbomb file inside my SD card, because I thought my homebrew already installed without any problem. But, what happen next is, I can't go inside homebrew channel, after I pressed START. It kept exiting to the main menu. After that, I have to put my letterbomb inside SD card again, install again everytime I want to go inside homebrew channel.
I even tried to uninstall, and install it again. But the problem doesn't go away, my homebrew channel kept exiting to the main menu, if I didn't go to the letterbomb each time, and installed it and go inside homebrew from that point. So what is the solution for my problem in order to get homebrew channel working correctly again?