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Thread: Problems with Some Wii Games and my Modded Wii.

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    Problems with Some Wii Games and my Modded Wii.

    System: I have a Wii system with firmware 3.4U. NTSC USA. The mod chip is a D2SUN 1.3A.

    Applications & Media: I have burned a few of games with using, Regionfrii, WiiBrickBlocker v1_3R2, Imgburn, the media I use used TDK DVD+R, Memorex DVD-R, Verbetum DVD-R.

    Problem: I have burned a few games; however, when I burned Wii Sports, Wii Music, Wii Play, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Zelda Twilight They play one time and then If I want to play again some other day it gives me disc error.

    Can anyone help me resolve this problem.

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    The DVD+R media is causing the hang up.

    Also, there's issues with the 3.3 and 3.4 firmwares detecting modified .ISO files. Read the link in my signature for more details.

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    ....Solution, downgrade, or get 1:1 copies of your region dvds... thats what im doing now.

    Stumbled on this site a few min ago, of course i denounce using torrents cuz they are being watched.

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    Talking Thanks For your Advices!

    Thanks guys! I resolved the problem. This is what I did.

    I burned with ImgBurn at X16, using Memorex DVD-R Printable disc, And I launched the games using Gecko OS. So far all the ones I was having problems with are working!!!!!!

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    How do I get 1:1 copies of my region dvds? or How and to what should I downgrade my firmware to?

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