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Thread: CFG Usb Loader setting the correct USB cover path

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    CFG Usb Loader setting the correct USB cover path

    Dear all,

    I'm using cfg loader and for me it is one of the best.

    However I cannot figure out the following.

    I'm using a WD hard drive:
    connected to USB port
    it is formatted as NTFS
    It has 4 partitions and I use partition 4.
    On partition 4 is a WBFS folder and the cfg-loader/covers (with its subfolders) folder.

    I would like to store my covers on my USB drive but cfg loader should stay on SD so I tried to set my "covers_path"base path as follows.

    covers_path = USB:/usb-loader/covers
    covers_path = USB4:/usb-loader/covers
    covers_path = NTFS:/usb-loader/covers
    covers_path = NTFS4:/usb-loader/covers
    covers_path = usb:/NTFS4/usb-loader/covers

    None of these work and I'm wondering what the base path should look like.
    i.e. what is the correct path to my USB drive on partition 4?
    Can someone help me out here.


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    Ok wherever you have your Apps. I use wii gamemanager, on my PC The cover route can be changed, checked with this software, It states H:\usb-loader\covers\3d I only use 3d covers my choice. you can set this up on your wii with the loader you are using. You can also look through your USB hard drive on your pc and make a note where your usb loader is sending them.

    I'm guessing you are missing the partition letter at the start of the path!

    Go to my computer it should list all partitions (c) (f) (g) etc:
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    Not understanding it completely,

    Using CFG loader configurator (Windows) you need to tell CFG loader were the covers are on your harddisk. This is done in the config.txt file.
    Here you have to set the (alternative) path of the base cover folder however this all is running on the Wii itself.
    So what i'm looking for is the cover base folder seen from the Wii itself. Normaly it should look like usb:/...... or ntfs:/ bla bla bla.

    When I open Wiixplorer and browse to my partition (where my covers actually are) it says its on usb4. However when I use this usb4 in the config.txt file it is not working (maybe usb4 is just a name in Wiixplorer and not a real driveletter/path).

    I'm not able to find What my drive letter is seen from the Wii!!! And even if I knew I still need to identify my partition.

    I hope you can understand any off this.

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    Hi Syrisara, I'm a little puzzled as I use partitioned drives also, I am also using CFG & GX Both using the same cover art folders.
    CFG v70
    base_path: usb:/usb_loader
    apps_path: usb:/apps/usbloader
    covers: usb:/usb_loader/covers
    theme: usb:/usb_loader/themes/smd - wooden box ws
    hide: 1 __CF
    args[1]: [0]=usb1:/apps/usbloader/boot.dol
    music: 1 gui: 4 CC: EN
    device: 1 partition: auto.

    GX 2.2
    Custom Paths
    3D cover path usb1:/usb-loader/COVERS/3d/

    Art Themes etc All paths set usb1:/etc:

    I keep reading over your message, I think you may be right. (look above USB1) Windows always uses letters
    If you plug your HDD into a pc MY computer,search for your covers, Make a note of where they are, Then input detail to config file. maybe you need Device: 1 Partition: 4

    Myself I use wii game manager to load my covers. If you have the program it is quite easy to run through.This will also tell you the cover path. ( i only use disc and 3D images)
    good luck.
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    Thanks so far Grandpa,

    This is my config.txt

    theme = anime2
    device = usb
    partition = NTFS4
    gui = start
    gui_transition = fade
    gui_style = flow
    gui_rows = 2
    disable_remove = 1
    disable_install = 1
    disable_options = 1
    disable_format = 1
    unlock_password = BUDAH
    ntfs_write = 1
    covers_path = sd:/usb-loader/covers
    fat_split_size = 0
    ios = 248
    video = system
    profile_names = default
    select = previous
    hide_hddinfo = 0

    For now my covers are on SD lol.
    Still no luck !

    Windows name for this drive is Wii games N (j)
    I gave the name Wii games but never called it N.
    J: is the actual drive letter when plugged in my computer.

    Will try N and will try J. (and maybe the rest of the alphabet)

    Why all off this:

    I'm using Wii backup loader on PC. This app is downloading covers automatically and sends those to my drive through my router where my drive is mounted as network drive called Z. All of this is working okay.

    CFG loader should however see this directory when the drive is plugged into the Wii. Which it doesn't because of the strange path behaviour.

    BTW is your drive formatted as FAT 32 or NTFS? I asume you use partition 1 of your drive?!
    Do you use the CFG loader configurator? I'm curious what sets the "device: 1 partition: auto" in your config.txt.

    Very Merry Christmas! wished from the Netherlands.


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    Angry Same here

    Same here. My SD card broke and i need it to run solely on USB. I'm trying to get cfg base = USB:/usb-loader/
    No luck here...

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    Ok I'm Running FAT32 Even If I set up partitions, I always have a 2gb FAT32 partition to communicate with HBC I put all files Apps etc, on root. Same as you would have on SD card. In there are the cover files. Then I can If I want put Wbfs game files Movies, Music on NTFS partition. This setup works for me, I'm not An Expert I just have a tried and tested setup. I save all my mods to a set of 2gb SD cards, Use Mauis guide, Bannerbomb, Letterbomb, Then the same set of IOS CIOS, Always NAND backup and priloader. I have a set of files cfgv70 GX 2.3. Apps with various other useful stuff, Straight to a freshly formatted Hard Drive, I have been modding for a couple of years and keep up with latest news.

    jeffsav93. Whatever you had on SD card copy to root of FAT32 HDD, You may have to change config from SD to USB, open it with Wordpad change and save, or use configurator. I'm sure it will search fo SD then USB. Scary at first but come on guys a feint heart never..........Happy Christmas from UK

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    jeffsav93: Grandpa is right, copy all to hard drive and change the path in config.txt
    You could/should do this setting up in CFG loader configurator. All should work okay.

    Will you manage?


    Will create a 2 Gb partition in FAT 32. Just like an SD card is.
    Then will try again to place covers and setup paths in config.txt.

    I'm Using letterbomb (mauifrogs guide, all steps backed up) priiloader, NAND backup, CFG loader 7, DX2 v6 (have to upgrade however all working fine), boot 2 as IOS, all games playing fine.
    (with some games on "not reloading IOS" hack in cfg loader) (exploited my Wii 2 weeks ago, so fairly new to all off this)


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    You are doing fine, at least you can read and work through your settings - Problems, As I have probably said, I Don't use NTFS very often because of the HBC not communicating. I do not like leaving SD cards in Console. I also move HBC as far right as possible to stop Inquisitive minds fiddling. ( wow what does Homebrew offer) Nothing for medling kids....

    You have a good grip of things. As you have found there are more than one way to setup your wii. Mauis guide is the ultimate. Then if you fancy you can add some personel tweaks. I'm not a pro but my setup never seems to let me down.

    Take a look at wii game manager I find it much easier to use. Regards Opah 1959
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    Hopefully NTFS is the problem because I'm formatting Fat 32 on 3 Gig partition as we speak. (3 gig to be sure to stay below the magical 4 Gig trouble)
    Made this partition the first partition. (however in doubt if this should be a primary or logical partition, will start with primary however)

    My HBC is also on the most right position possible. My kids do not fiddle around but you never know. I'm over thinking the possibility to put a password on my Priiloader but some voices say it can be dangerous. Also booting from priiloader directly to any loader can be tricky so I stopped that as well. Hypothetically: What if Priiloader loads to a loader like CFG and you synced your remotes with your neighbours Wii because of a game party over there.
    Would it still be possible to sync your remotes with your Wii again? If you can't you are in trouble because it would not be possible to edit settings in Priiloader anymore. Am I right?

    Will try game manager again, using WiiBackupManager build 78 at the moment. Has a lot good features, try it because I'm sure you like it.

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