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Thread: Old modd Wii needs updating

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    Old modd Wii needs updating

    Hi all,

    I hope you can help me.
    A few years ago my flatmate Hacked our Wii and it worked. then we stopped using it.
    I've now bought the new Zelda Skyward and i need to "update" my Wii. I don't know how he Hacked the Wii in the first place and ideally i'd like to make the Wii a virgin again. but reading the forums i see it's better to stay and mod it.
    also I want to upgrade and install any software needed so to make the Wii functional for my parents to use from now on. I.E. make it look like it works normally.

    I'm a complete noob and need help please.

    When i turn on the Wii i get the following menu list;

    System Menu
    Homebrew Channel - (which if i click the screen freezes with about 3 paragraphs of data on it, and i just have to unplug to restart)
    BootMii IOS - warning phrase 'coud not mount SD card (probably cause i can't find it and it's not in the Wii)

    Installed file - Error autobooing file. try reinstalling! could not open file.
    Load/install file - No SD Card found!
    system menu hacks - (couldn't find "hacks.ini" neither on FAT nor on NAND!)
    Settings - autoboot disabled. all other options turned off and (USE SYSTEM MENU IOS on)

    on the bottom there is;
    IOS v60
    Systemmenu v450 priiloader c0.1 (r15)

    priiloader is a mod of preloader 0.30

    when i click system menu at the top - (couldn't find "hacks.ini" neither on FAT nor on NAND!)
    then Wii starts up normally and Wii fit plays with the CD but the new zelda doesnt

    When i go into Wii system settings it's a Version 4.1E

    I've searched the forums for anyone with my specific problem and links to solving it. i thought to do a softmod any wii but i think it's got pretty much all of it done. and i didnt know if i should follow one specific method to upgrade the wii (as one method my overwrite the old one and completely screw it up)
    Any help would be appreciated...

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    You need to re-mod your wii by following the "softmod any wii" guide-->
    Once thats done, go search for the "Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword" guide.


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