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Thread: If you love the origianl Super Smash Bros for N64...

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    Us If you love the origianl Super Smash Bros for N64...

    Or even if you're not in love and just really like it, but don't want to commit to anything too serious right now... Head on over to the social clubs section and join Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community - Old School Smashers

    I started this club in the hopes that the old school fanatics (and I know you're out there) will get just as excited as I am over the news that SSB has already been scheduled for release in Japan this January (that's this month! for those chronologically challenged) for the VC! This is a strong indication that the rest of the world will have the chance to download it as well very soon! My biggest hope is that it will support online play, but that is yet to be determined.

    I've also found out that it is already possible to emulate the game on the Wii, with homebrew...
    now given the fact that we're in a modder's community I'm well aware that some of you may in fact already have this wonderful game running on your wii, maybe you feel like sharing how you did this?
    I know it's something I can research and do if I put the time into it, and I'm not saying I won't if no one's willing to help, or no one knows how. I just haven't done it yet (most of my time spent on here is while I'm at work) So I'm sure I'll get around to it eventually.

    Anyway, if I'm able to get this game up and running on my Wii, with online play (God willing!), and can help others get it too, I'd love a chance to take on anyone and everyone who thinks they've got what it takes to beat me

    In the meantime here's a little nostalgia for you
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    I've played the original once or twice. It's actually quite interesting. I think it relies more on strategy than the more recent games.

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    I agree, which may be why I like it more. The newer ones rely more on twitchy reflexes. Personally I like the original with items turned off, just all natural fighting: a true test of skill, instead of racing for the "instakill" items.
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    i have it and i love so much.

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    then you should join my social club (link at the top of the page). I'm hopin that once it comes out officially from Nintendo that they will include online play... doubtfull, but I'm hoping!
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