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Thread: Bluetooth on off on then not working.

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    Bluetooth on off on then not working.

    My journey brings me here now asking for help in putting the home-brew channel on one of my new Wii's which does not have the popup door for the gamecube controllers to connect. It's black and plan jane. I've tried both my Smash Bros. and mail type sd cards and it's a no go. I get to the screen waiting to press 1 and the bluetooth blinks off on the wiimote then back on and looses all button control. Any ideas as what to do or is this a wii that can not have the home-brew channel on it?

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    You are not the only one who has this problem, i had it too. You should get an older wiimote in order to get this to work.

    Look under the batteries and you'll see the model number like this LMB-RVL-WR/Z-C4. All "Z" models are a new revision of the wiimotes and will not work with homebrew apps.
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