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    Question need some help

    i have 2 wii a older one that is mod with the softmod any wii and i have a new wii that is 4.3u out of the box and it want pick up the sd card i to boot the boot.dol file.i would like to know if i have to mod it like the red wii i did in the passed with a game .....thanks for the help

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    Letterbomb should work on the new 4.3u Wiis. Is your SD card sdhc? Often their compatibility is a lot less than the normal ones. Does the wii not recognize your sd card AT ALL, or can you access it but not perform the exploit?

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    it will recognize it it just want boot the boot.dol and i cant see it on the sd card it is a sd micro it is the same one i did my older one with

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    You cannot use bannerbomb on 4.3. Either use letterbomb, like maikhorma said, or a game exploit like you said.


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