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Thread: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, white screen issue

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    Super Smash Bros. Brawl, white screen issue

    Hi all,

    I am able to load SSBB(NTSC, my system's default), and I get to the "use wiimote correctly" screen, a "Now Loading" screen, and then the screen turns white and hangs.

    I was able to play SSBB recently with no issues using a couple of different USB Loaders (so I highly doubt it's the image), but in the process of somehow breaking it, all I recall doing is playing Xenoblade(PAL)(so I'm rather mystified as to how it stopped working). Since then, I have tried following a couple different guides to use backup launchers (starting from the HBC installed step), have tried quite a few different cIOS 222, 223, 249s, but to no avail, I still get this white screen of life. I have also googled solutions, most saying "rip it with cIOS222", or something revolving cIOS222, but nothing seems to work. Xenoblade still works. I just can't get past this silly white screen.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    I did investigate starting the Wii from scratch, and re-modding it, but it seems that reformatting the Wii = brick, confirm/deny?


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    Post an introduction thread here, then you will be greeted with a lot of links with helpful info.


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