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Thread: Wii 4.1 Game Covers Disappear ?

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    Question Wii 4.1 Game Covers Disappear ?

    When changing themes in configurable usb loader (cfg v70 248). My game covers disappear. I also notice that when changing to some themes (ex: cfg_default) some of the games i want to play doesnt work. I get a stack dump error message (Fatal exception (dsi) occurred on CFG USB Loader r70) . All of the games seem to work with the default theme (glass) but i dont really like the look. My last issue seems to be happen when i try to download missing covers. I get another stack dump error. I thought that if i had all of my game covers downloaded and in a folder in the root of my sd card i shouldnt have to re-download the missing covers. But again. With some themes the're loaded. And on others. They seem to disappear.

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    its a weird flaw.. find a theme that works (like grey matter) and stick to it..

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