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Thread: can i re softmod my wii?

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    can i re softmod my wii?

    Hello guys, im new to the forum and also a big noob at the wiihack thing. i used the search method and didnt really get the answer i was looking for..i apologize in advance if i over looked it, sooo here goes..i softmodded my 4.3 u wii using youtube..(i know right!!). not one of my finer moments..homebrew works good but bootmii just shows a black screen and i cant get my forwarder channel for wiiflow to work..i have about every little issue that i read about except for the brick,(thank god).i dont know if i should reload something or just do it over using the guides in here, i was afraid if i just done everything again over top of what i have already done i would brick it....any ideas for me guys, in laymen terms would b very much appreciated .

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    you wont brick if you mod over your old one, that would be the best idea anyway
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    The first thing you need to do is softmod your Wii with the Softmod ANY Wii guide (link in my sig). It won't brick, it will just update everything that needs it. Start with the spoiler titled "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed." As for BootMii not working, you're probably missing the /bootmii/ folder in you SD card. The afore mentioned guide will install a forwarder channel that works with WiiFlow, so that should solve that problem as well (you can go ahead and remove the forwarder you have to free up space if you want to).
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    man u guys are awesome, thx i'll get right on it...load off my mind.


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