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Thread: WII 4.3U USB Loader??

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    Ca WII 4.3U USB Loader??

    Ok I updated to 4.3, I understand that might bot have been the way to go about it but if I am there I must have options, right? I have been able to get my HBC working through the banner bomb method, but i would like to get the USB loader working, my three year old knows how to operate the Wii (although calls it her Weed) for her games and is not at times very friendly with the disks. I have been to the the threads but have never seen a step by step set-up. If there is one could someone link me there or possible help me through the set-up.
    Previous attempts using IOS36-64 v1042 failed to the black screen.. I got the steps from another site "Instructables"

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and if I am asking a question that has been asked before (I am sure I am) Sorry

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    Follow the any wii guide in my signature. Start from the spoiler "softmods with homebrew installed" if your hbc works. if not then start from the begining. this will ensure you have all the current cIOS needed to run a loader. at the end of the guide there is an app pack you can download with loaders and such.

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