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Thread: Updating Wiikey 1 to play latest games but wii also semi bricked

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    Question Updating Wiikey 1 to play latest games but wii also semi bricked

    From what i've managed to gather i've got a wiikey one chip in my wii. i think this will probably need updating to version 1.99 is the latest i've been able to see. The wii firmware needs updating to pal version 4. something (not sure on that yet) and the wii is semi bricked after accidently running a system update from a copied disc.

    I dont have any of the homebrew channels or priloader or bootmil or anything on my wii.

    Do i need to softmod my wii since this chip is old to get newer games to play? Can i softmod with a hardmod chip installed?

    What order do i need to do everything in?

    Can i just go rent a new game like rayman origins and update from the disc to unbrick my wii and update the firmware? Then update the wiikey?

    Or will that render my wii completely useless?

    Please help me........

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    Getting Wii with Wiikey 1 to play latest games

    Hi Lost-Idiot, did you figure out how to get your Wii to play recent games? I have a similar problem with our Wii with firmware 3.4U and Wiikey 1. Everytime I put in a recent "backup" game, e.g., justdance2, or a "legit" game, e.g., Zumba 2, the Wii detects the game, but when we start the game we get a black screen and the only way to get out of the black screen is to reboot the wii. All older backup games (prior and up to 3.4U timefram) work fine.


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