I have some old ps1 memory cards .... and a program i can run off my ps2 (think its called launchelf or somthing like that.) any way i was wondering if i used launchelf to copy the contents from the ps1 memory card to a usb stick and put it in my coputer , is there a program out there that i can use to convert the data to a PS1 VMC that i could copy to my ps3 so i can use the game saves with the ps1 one game ? my ps2 laser is shot, and i really dont want to start the game over xenogears is quite a long game, and im about 3/4 done with it. so any help on converting would be appriciated..... oh, and my ps3 is NOT moded ... just my ps2. the laser is shot on it but i can still launch things from usb drive/memory stick.