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Thread: Softmod update

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    Question Softmod update

    Hey all I need some advice and hope you can share some knowledge with me. So here goes.

    Wii : Original model fw 3.2
    Softmodded with disc and save

    #1 my sd card that had all of my files on it was temporarily wiped and later I copied a backup of the card back to it but no backups are working currently.

    Anyhow I would like to start new and update my wii to the newest safe to softmod fw and need to know what that is and how to go about the update.

    After updating what is the best softmod to use and have USB loading?

    Thanks guys. Even links to known tutorials would be great!!

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    Follow the Softmod Any Wii guid in the Recommended Guides section. That will get you up to date. There is a spoiler specifically for people who already have homebrew channel installed, so if you have that you can start there. Following the guild will set you to 4.1 system menu which is the best for homebrew.

    There are three main usb loaders: Usb Loader GX, Wiiflow, and CFG Usb Loader. Any one of should work fine, it's just up to personal preference. The guide will set you up with CFG loader, which is my personal preference.


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