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Thread: running games off sd card issue

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    running games off sd card issue

    So I got a working SD card with my wii and I've been trying to run wii games with it but everytime I put a game on there and try to use neogamma it gives me this message:

    "An error has occurred. Press the eject button, remove the game disk, and turn off the power to the console. Please read the Wii operations manual for further instructions"

    I have formatted it with WBFS manager and used that to put the game on there so is there anything else i would need to do or is it a separate problem?

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    Well a brief comment would be WHY are you using an SD card, You need at least a 4gb card and then maybe get one wbfs file on it. AS I have found, If you format an SD card to WBFS, You still need a small partition of Fat 32 to put your apps on,I'm sure the wii searches first SD then USB, What are you trying to achieve ????

    On an open note I'm assuming you are all modded following a wiihacks guide. You are well advised to go along the Mod for Hard drive route. There are guides on this site, Once you are all set up you just fire in your original discs, Click install and the USB loader will do the rest.


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