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Thread: Wii Won't Start Up?

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    Wii Won't Start Up?

    My wii won't start, and the power button goes blank. If I plug in the power cord, the power button goes red, but then flashes yellow and goes blank. As of the edit, it is still not working. The night before it stopped working i went on WiiMC. Then right before it stopped working, I put in SSBB and it turned on. This is the part I didn't find a relation with the search results, considering the majority of posts said the disc drive wouldn't work either. Finally I inserted my SD card and then it stopped working. If it is helpful, I have two different SD cards I use.

    I've tried
    Removing everything and unplugging
    Unplugging for about 24 hours
    Holding power and reset
    Holding reset while turning on (figured it wouldn't since it didn't even flash yellow for a even a second)
    A new power chord
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    I don't have enough money after the holidays, so any help would be appreciated!

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    Hold the power brick about waist high and drop it (preferably on carpet). This sounds really odd, but it's fixed my power problems a few times (it was actually recommended to me by a game store, so it's not just some stupid thing I came up with). I don't know if this will work though since the light is actually coming on. It it doesn't help, try another power cord (maybe borrow one from a friend). If that works, you can pick up a new cord (third party) for about 15 USD. If it doesn't work, something is wrong with the Wii itself. A softmod won't stop the Wii from coming on.
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