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Thread: Trouble uploading games to wiiflow

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    Trouble uploading games to wiiflow

    i have the image files on my com and used wii game manager to upload de files into my HDD but when i boot up my wii and enter wiiflow it doesnt appear? i got the wii modded before by someone else and now i wanna add in games myself but it doesnt seem to be working >< thanks for any help guys appreciate it =D

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    By image files i assume you mean iso files? What filesystem is your hard drive (wbfs, fat32, ntfs)? What path on the file system are you putting the files?

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    yeap iso files, i plugged de hard disk into my com and couldnt find any other files for the current games i have but i tried to upload my iso files into my hard disk as wbfs files, into a self created wbfs folder, into the hard disk according to a post i found but didnt really work coz the game didnt show up in de wiiflow channel so came here ><

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    So .wbfs files in the wbfs folder is probably going to be your best supported. Fat32 is probably the most compatible but ntfs is pretty well supported by now too. Did you check the USB compatibility list for your Hard drive? Maybe try a different usb loader to see if that works (CFG Loader, or USB Loader GX).

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    im not sure i get you but am i right to say that what you are saying is to download a different usb loader on my wii so that it can read the wbfs files on my HDD is it?

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    Take a look HERE first to make sure your drive is set up correctly and to verify you are putting the games on your drive correctly.

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    i dont really wanna go around poking with the formatting of my HDD coz i had someone else do it for me and i dun wanna get anything erased. the part about using the wii game manager i did correctly tho so i really duno whats de problem... shud i d a syscheck?

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    anyone can help still?


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