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Thread: Kids updated my console, now usb loader isn't working

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    Kids updated my console, now usb loader isn't working

    Long story short, I was running on 3.6 I believe for years and I had my usb loader installed, with my 250gb passport drive and all worked well. Daughters friend came over, they popped in a game and updated the console some how. Its been awhile and my kids started asking about the wii again. Turned on the console and its running 4.2U, so I grabbed the new wads, and usb loader GX, installed everything and still no go.

    When I load usb loader or cover floader, it says that it does not see my usb device. I plugged it into the pc, opened it up with WBFS and verified that the games are all still there and everything is fine. Plugged it back into the Wii and still nothing. I've tried both USB ports, and still nothing.

    What am I missing, did support for usb drives change in the new usb loader, or IOS249, or something else that is in the updates?

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    Go see Maui Frogs wii hacks for any will have to soft mod it again. Sorry but has happened to me too

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    what do you mean hack it again? When it was upgraded, homebrew was still on the console, so I just put in the new wads for usb loader gx and cover floader, and ios249/250 and ran the wad batch installer. Does something else need to be done?

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    well u have to rehack it again .. as when they update ur console, they erase some of the cios .. sides mauifrog anywii guide can help u to update all of ur wii hacks and cios .. though i recommend that u change ur usb loader gx to wiiflow as they have more newer stuff insides...
    SYSTEM MENU V4.1U .. HBC v1.0.8 .. PRIILOADER V0.7(rev 138) .. Cios d2x v7-final ... WIIFLOW r417 .. NEOGAMMA B9 rev 47 (still lookin for new ones) .. etc etc

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    If you still have homebrew channel start from the spoiler "softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed" And make sure to install priiloader this time to block online and disc updates.


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