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Thread: WiiMP3 v2.0

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    WiiMP3 v2.0

    Developer Wentstorm has released his first version of a new MP3 player called WiiMP3. This is currently limited to playing .mp3 files, has a filebrowser, and some basic controls. The source code is included with the .zip package. See below for the full feature list and download.

    Download WiiMP3 v2.0
    Official Google Code Page


    * text based interface
    * Can play only MP3s
    * You can choose the file from a filebrowser
    * Pause - Unpause functions
    * Stop - Replay functions
    * Display the current song's state (Playing - Paused - Stopped)
    * Display the current song's size (bytes)


    Changelog v2.0
    * Added support for USB Drives (now you can choose to use SD or USB in the 1st screen)
    * In the filebrowser, pressing B while you are in a subdir, makes it to go to the parent directory - if you are in root, it goes back to the drive selection screen
    * Added "Now playing FILE" function
    * Filesize also displayed in Megabytes
    * Volume changing is now possible
    * Semplified control's buttons
    * While playing a song, pressing B will redirect you to the last visited foder and not in root.
    * Added ASCII-Art logo
    * Other minor changes
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