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Thread: SSBB error on single player modes

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    Question SSBB error on single player modes

    Hello to all, Ive looked on many sites for the particular error that Im having. But to get to the point, I have recently dumped Smash Bros Brawl to my pc, and burned it on a Verbatim DVD-R DL, and I am able to run it using backuploader gamma with no problems, (followed Emperor of Canada's guide) and I get an error when trying to play any of the single player modes. On classic, i get the error after I beat the game, and on Adventure mode I get the error after the first match of mario against kirby. The error tells me to eject the game and restart the system. It doesnt let me restart, I have to unplug the power from the wall. I dont believe that the disc is corrupt or that the system is messed up, I jsut think that I may need an IOS, or just try a new loader. Any suggestions?

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    i'm having the exact is not a media/burn issue...this is a compatibility issue w/the backup launchers yet on the compatibility list says "works fine" actually should say "vs mode works fine,adventure mode doesn't" dvd-5 version would've been cheaper and still not had adventure difference...i would like to state that w/out adventure mode this game is crap! it should be taken off the compatibility list

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    The Very samething happened to me on Tales of Symphonia Dawn of New World everytime i beat the game so i just skipped the part gave me that error but i dont think u can skip parts in brawl

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    So Im assuming that there is not a fix for this at the moment...I have recently installed some new IOS' on my system and will try again once i get off of work...if anybody has any other suggestions, please let us know...Im dying to play the adventure mode...thanks


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