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Thread: Hackmii error....Installed boot1 version prevents a boot2 install (-2)

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    Hackmii error....Installed boot1 version prevents a boot2 install (-2)

    Hi guys

    Could someone please help...

    I softmodded my Wii a couple of years ago from a friend. Not sure what guide he used.

    I have since done many softmods on other peoples wii's (using Mauifrog guide/Softmod any wii) and have always managed to install BootMii to boot2.

    I have upgraded my mod using the guide, however my ocd is getting the better of I would also like to have BootMii installed as boot2.

    Howvever when HackMii loads it states " The installed boot1 version prevents a boot2 install (-2) ?

    Is there a way I can fix this, ifos could someone please talk me through it.


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    I'm sorry, but that can't be fixed. Bootmii as boot2 exploited a problem in the boot1 sequence, if i remember correctly, and in newer wii's that error got fixed. Since it is a boot 1 error, nintendo can't safely fix it remotely, so they stopped producing the motherboards with the boot1 and fixed the exploit. I'm sure there is a much much grander tale than what i shared here, but if hackmii installer say's it won't work, it won't work.
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