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Thread: Mario Kart update???

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    Mario Kart update???

    Hi there I am new here so hi to everyone, I recently got a wii foolishly uodated it to 3.4 and then found out about homebrew and zelda hack, anyway I got it all working backup games work perfect not a prob on 3.2, my problem who if anyone can answer this is I have an original copy of mario kart and it wants to update.

    my question is, will mario kart update it to 3.4 or just install dual layer support, I dont wanna go back to 3.4 if I have to I will have to use a backup of mariokart but it seems a shame I have the original

    can anyone clarify please, my wii is PAL and on 3.2e

    I searhed all over the net and cant seem to find a clear answer

    many thanks

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    It'll update. Use Starfall.

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    I have Mario Kart and am on 3.2u. It is the last game I have had to update with. Still on 3.2u. So either it has 3.2u on it or I somehow got in through the internet update. Mario Kart isn't dual layer as far as I'm aware. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a dual layer game.

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    right ok thx guys will heave to research what is starfall I read on loads of posts about starfall but no idea what it is

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    Check this thread out

    Brawl is the only DL game. You can find scrubbed versions of it online, that will fit on a regular DVD-R, but you still need to downgrade to make it work.

    As for Starfall it allows you to get past updates, as far as i know. I'm still on 3.4 (until tommorow) so haven't used it myself, but search for it in the forum. Im sure there is a tutorial on what it is and how to use it somewhere

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    im on 3.4 can i update mario kart if i have a 1:1 backup copy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexxxy Beast View Post
    im on 3.4 can i update mario kart if i have a 1:1 backup copy?
    Well 3.4 is the latest firmware version. you can't update to a version that doesn't exist, so you'll be safe

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    well thx guys starfall worked a treat had to do a bit of reading on how to use it but now my wii is region free, and also mario kart works fine with no update.

    question though I have Brawl but its a dvd 9, on 3.2 firware can the wii read dual layer ok? or does'nt it only work on higher version 3.3 or 3.4 I read somewhere about 3.4 gives better drive perfomance speeds or somthing,

    Scrubbed version of Brawl is dvd 5 right? if I can get dvd 5 version I wont have to burn it to dvd 9 and also I read you have to set a layer break or something so I dont want expensive coasters laying around lol

    anyway thanks

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    Heres a new Q that i havent seen recently, do you have to update mario kart to play online? I know that computer games version check...


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