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Thread: new super mario bros

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    Unhappy new super mario bros

    hello all this is my first post and would love a little help please

    i have an early wii and have done a soft mod a good two years age and have just done the, i think 4.3 guide.
    i think every think went ok i can run back up from disc and install wads and all works fine. except new super
    mario boss. this is an original disk that i own. it play for about 10 mins then a black screen comes up saying disc error consult your manual.
    i have tried it on other wii and it works fine.
    im ok with soft modding and i think i dust need a file to install to get round it.
    please help.

    also im loving skyward sward

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    USB Loading for the WIN!

    .... Your first post should be an intro post....... secondly AFTER you post your intro post, post a system check so we can see what cIOS you have.. but since you can play SS I think your ok..

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