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Thread: help IOS downgrade prob

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    help IOS downgrade prob

    I am following the link above,

    +Load IOS Downgrader in Homebrew Channel

    I got this error.

    Initializing ISFS Subsystem... OK!
    Initializing network, please wait... ERROR (ret =-116)

    Press any system to restart the Wii...

    +Load cIOS Downgrader in Homebrew channel

    also got the same error

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    Why have you started a new thread here? If you will not follow our rules...well.....

    Please take some time to do some reading..starting with this below...thank you..

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    Guides the staff feel will help you most on your journey to become a adept Wii Hacker. If you do not read the rules and START A THREAD in this section without Mod will receive a Time out in the RR or be banned..hehe

    btw welcome to will find everything you need here..when you really choose to use the search button or read up.

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