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Thread: Super Smash Bros Brawl Wifi with backup?

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    Super Smash Bros Brawl Wifi with backup?

    Can you play SSBB over Wifi loading it off a backup DVD or off an external HDD using USB Loader? (GX or CFG)

    I'm actually asking because I'm trying to with a friend (his Wii is retail and clean) I'm playing off a backup DVD at the moment and it lets us play together for like 2 minutes though we see completely different things on screen (he kills me on his screen, hes walking off the edge of the screen on mine) and then it says connection lost. I play Mario Kart on Wifi all the time so I know it isn't a connection issue. We played Mario Kart for like 2 hours today, just SSBB that is being weird, thought it might be because im using a backup to play it.
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    I play SSBB on WiFi from my USB backup all the time. Probably a bad connection (de-syncing happens on retail discs, too).
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    We both port forwarded our Wii's and everythings working fine now, I didn't know it had de-syncing issues thanks. I also found out using codes of any kind can cause de-syncing, I have the gct set up for one code lol no special falls, I didn't realize I had it on.


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