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Thread: Bootmii as boot 2 restart to MMM

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    Bootmii as boot 2 restart to MMM

    Hi again,

    I'm currently softmodding another wii for another friends with "softmod any wii" guide, his wii was already softmodded so it's an update. It let me installed bootmii as boot2 wich is great but now I can't go to system menu. When I hit "home" button, it always boot bootmii and brings me back to MMM. I know that even if I continue the guide by installing Priiloader I will not be able to load it anyway to force it to start to system menu as bootmii loads before it ??? BTW Boot2v2 is the version of this wii.
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    Remove the bootmii files from the sd card and the boot.dol on the root of the sd, back them up to your PC

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