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Thread: USB Loader crashed -Newbie Q

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    USB Loader crashed -Newbie Q

    I've been using USB Loader GX for a year or so with no problem, but my kid today put a disk in from a friend and updated! Now USB loader just goes to a black screen or a message 'Exception (DSI) occurred!' then loads of numbers.

    The wiii still works with disks. The wii version is 4.3E and don't know what else I need to look for / fix?

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    Thanks for that, I did look at that guide beforehand but I'm stuck at the first hurdle! I have loaded HBC but there is no MMM option. Also, Bootmii doesn't run, I just get a black screen, so not sure how to backup/progress.

    If it's of any use, I did a syscheck:


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    Right, been looking through pages and trying to fix this for 3 hours now, going to have to go to bed as it's nearly midnight here :-(

    Any help for the morning would be greatly appreciated!

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    When you installed homebrew, there should be another option to install bootmii. Install as boot2 if available. If not install as an IOS. Also click prepare SD card. Exit then from homebrew channel click home, launch bootmii. Good luck.


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