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Thread: issues loading some games thru usb cfg

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    issues loading some games thru usb cfg

    after looking several hours on here i'm unable to figure out this problem. I have several duel layer and other games that i cant for the life of me get to load via usb cfg v65 [frag] or v70 I've modded my wii with mauifrogs method and posted a system check in the "post your system check here" area that came up clear but when i view my ios's in usb loader i get the following.


    Is it ok that im getting "??" on 222 and 223 and should 245 and 246 be reading "not installed"?
    if someone would like me to, I'll re-post my system check but its already on the site and i didn't see a need to clutter up the forum with duplicate data.

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    working on installing cios pack now. do i have to mark them for batch install? i cannot find instructions on loading cios pack with mauifrogs guide. do i Batch install all 19 cios .wad files with wad manager?

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    Read guide read again follow instructions, it is quite easy. if it says install all wads then yes you CAN trust the guides on here they do what they say they do.Make a NAND backup.If you look at the wads you are asked to install, The 222,223,224,249,250 etc cios wads are all there. Install preolader and hacks. then your all good to go.
    You can then move on to setting up a Hard drive to rip your games on to. Enjoy your Wii
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