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Thread: No backup loader after re-modding with Modmii

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    No backup loader after re-modding with Modmii

    I remodded my wii 3.2E using Modmii last week no problem all working. I tried to re-mod a friends wii, same age, also 3.2E, everything seemed to go OK but there is no neogamma backup loader any help appreciated

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    Did you put the app onto your SD card?

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    Install a neogamma channal .wad ie:Neogamma Channel r8 Auto Mod-NEOG.wad google neogamma you will be suprised what you can find with a MASSIVE search engine, there are many ways. I use mmm 13.4 wad manager 1.7 you choose go on you know you want it.

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    Many thanks for your help, I installed Neogamma Channel r8 Auto Mod-NEOG.wad and that did the trick. It will now play the newer game backups. thanks again


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