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Thread: Discussion: File and Folder naming rules for game backups (cfg usb loader compatible)

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    Discussion: File and Folder naming rules for game backups (cfg usb loader compatible)

    This is for cfg usb loader 70 - as time goes by and new versions are released this may be out of date.

    This is a ‘what do you think’ post- please share your related thoughts.

    I believe the best way to name and organize your backup files would be to make them look like this:

    F:\wbfs\Ghostbusters The Video Game [RGQE70].wbfs

    1 Start with the Games Text label (its alpha numeric name)
    2 Followed by the code number in bracket like this [code]
    3 Followed by the extension (wbfs / iso / etc)
    4 Do not use any periods - dashes - underlines or any odd characters unless it is part of the official game name.<br>
    5 Do not abbreviate the name (unless the game title itself does - like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has a game titled TMNT )
    6 use one space between each word and one space between the name and the code.

    I have browsed the tutorials - FAQ's and tried a few advanced searches; The only relevant post is "CFG USB Loader not showing all of my games?" which does not go into any helpful details. - Basically he tried to rename his backup file and it failed to work because he did not put the code with brackets into his new name.

    No matter the method used to get your game file we all have had the issue of "What should I name it?" There are various programs to convert them from one format to another ( iso -wbfs etc) but if they are not properly named - the loader will not identify them and you will not be able to load them. Each different program offers multiple methods of naming – if only each program would only offer one standard method… but they don’t…

    If there were a set of 'official naming rules' posted on a prominent site like this -- maybe eventually people would adopt them and life would be a bit easier for us who want to best organize our collections.

    The only 'set in stone / writing rule' that is posted in the tutorials - is that you must have a folder named 'wbfs' to put the games in. Though it may be a simple solution to place your 5 to 20 games in that folder - what do you do when you have hundreds of games and want to keep them sorted inside of your own personal folders UNDER the wbfs folder? (primarily for easy access using your pc explorer)

    It can be done. -- Sometimes.
    Part 1 - FILE NAME issues:

    1: F:\wbfs\RGQE70.wbfs
    WORKS (this file name will appear - load - and play in the cfg usb loader 70 - nobody knows what that file is... so you may want to re name it)

    2 F:\wbfs\Ghostbusters The Video Game.wbfs
    FAILS (you know what the game is now -- but the cfg usb loader will ignore it because there is no code- you can not play it

    3: F:\wbfs\Ghostbusters The Video Game RGQE70.wbfs
    FAILS (You have both text and code labels here - but the cfg loader still ignores it)

    4: F:\wbfs\Ghostbusters The Video Game [RGQE70] .wbfs
    WORKS (now you still know what it is - and the cfg usb loader will load and play it properly BECAUSE YOU PUT [ ] BRACKETS AROUND THE CODE)

    Up for debate is the fact that sometimes you CAN and sometimes you can NOT successfully re name these game file names. Example 4 is the only method that works for properly renaming a game file - but it does not ALWAYS work – sometimes a game refuses to play unless it is code only; ANYONE KNOW WHY THIS IS?

    ** Important to note - you can have the bracketed code [RGQE70] anywhere in the file name - up front - in the middle - or at the end - and on the games that will allow you to rename them it will work fine - but on some games they will not function at all unless its just a plain old text code : no brackets and no alpha numeric name... ( F:\wbfs\RGQE70.wbfs )
    Part 2: FOLDER issues:

    Maybe you want to store additional information with your game file (cheats - photo's – web links - random information files - etc) so putting your game file in its own folder is your goal. From this folder - you can have the actual .wbfs files sitting there with various names... (Using the Bracket code rule) and you can safely add all kinds of other files - and still play the game; *unless its one of the few games that can not be re named for whatever unknown reason- then you must leave it with its original code name.

    * You can use under scores ( _ ) or dashes or any other character inside the folder name and your game can still play

    * You do not have to have the bracketed code (or any game code) in the folder name - and it will still play

    * You can only go one folder down from the wbfs - any deeper and the games will be ignored.

    1: F:\wbfs\scratched\Ghostbusters- The Video Game [RGQE70]\Ghostbusters The Video Game [RGQE70].wbfs
    FAILS because the loader will not look more than two folders deep.

    2: F:\wbfs\Ghostbusters: The_Video_Game_RGQE70\Ghostbusters The Video Game [RGQE70].wbfs
    WORKS (only 2 folders deep and naming rule is accurate with the code properly typed in)

    **QUESTION 1**
    In the root folder you can place a LOT of .wbfs files beside each other – and they will all play (if named properly)

    If you go one folder below the wbfs folder – you can only have ONE game file. If you put more than one game file in it – none will load. ANYONE KNOW WHY THIS IS?

    **QUESTION 2**
    Is there a limit to how many games can be stored on one hard drive? (I have a 1.5tb with over 80 games; I’ve seen some people posting who have HUNDREDS of games – and I have seen others ask if there was a limit – no answer was posted anywhere… This would probably be a limitation of the Loader software itself (more than a limit of room on a hard disk)
    **QUESTION 3**
    For those with skinny wallets – who have a few small hard drives – can you use more than one hard drive at a time with the cfg usb loader 70+ - I have not tried but figure someone reading this would want to know.

    **QUESTION 4**
    How can one network their Wii back up hard drive into their home network? (I’m sure this info is out there – its not something I want personally to do – but would be wise to have posted here if I want a complete ‘guide’)

    **QUESTION 5**
    Is network storage access a possibility in future versions of a usb loader? (it would no longer be a usb loader in that case it would be a wifi loader…) Does such a program exist? ( I know the homebrew application lets you go online and download/install play games – not sure if such a system works with your own home network and backups…)

    Anyone else with good questions please ask away

    If you have links to some related discussions please post them.

    If you have any feedback let me see it!

    Thanks for reading.

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    I always assumed my games were named correctly after my loader ripped the original disc to my hdd. I am wrong? I would think to leave them at what they are or you will have problems.

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    yes if you rip them using the wii it creates the files with subdirectory, and if you use a game manager for eg wii game manager you can create the iso to wbfs with subdirectory
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    I agree that would be a good idea - but there are countless examples online of people ripping their game - then converting it to iso - or to wbfs - then to a rar - then before you know it the file name is all screwy...

    Example -
    I have Wii Backup Manager by Alexdb 2.5 (hosted by ) -- it can only handle wbfs formatted drives - and it does not give you multiple naming options...

    But I also have a different software program: Wii Backup Manager 0.3.6 build 48 by Fig It lets you read all kinds of hard drive formats - and it has multiple naming options for how you want the file.

    Also for those who access the files available online (through methods that should not be discussed) you would see a huge variety of file names...

    Playerkp420 - and Peire - which loader / manager do you prefer to use? (and do you know how it names the files?)

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    I personally use Wii Backup Manager 0.3.8 for all of my games. In it's settings menu, you can set the naming style. It gives you the option to update the storage convention when mounting the drive, of which I have selected. This way, no matter how I rip the game, no matter how the file is named, as soon as the drive is mounted all file names are converted to the same format. A quick and simple way to make everything uniform.

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    i use cfg loader v70 and when or if i need to use a game manager i use wii game manager, i have a guide HERE how to use it
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    Nice guide you have posted - though when I use your name settings in conversion (gameid_game title.wbfs) - I get file names that look like this: SFGE69_Family Game Night 4.wbfs and the usb loader can not read them... I have to rename them and put brackets around the code so that it would read [SFGE69] Family Game Night 4.wbfs (Though if I have to rename it I'd rather have the name up front with the code at the end)

    It does not appear that this program can properly put the names in the front - with the code at the end - inside of brackets...

    With only check boxes available and limited options... would be nice if future versions had either NO options (just a standard method) or a text based system with variables...

    Are you saying that your Wii can play a game title with CODE_NAME.wbfs? -- (no brackets) mine does not identify them at all...

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    yes my wii plays them fine as they are
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    I've noticed a newer version of 'Wii Backup Manager Build 78' is available Wii Backup Manager I'm going to play with it and see if it does different things to my filenames... I suppose some of you are using newer software than I am; perhaps the newer version using its different game database website could give better (more compatible) results.

    [SPOILER= Version Changes]

    0.4.5 build 78
    |-Fixed: The database "convert to internal format" freezes at 0.56% with the latest GameTDB database. A simple typo caused the bug that really should've shown up before.
    |-Changed: Update link to WUpload has been removed from the app, replaced with a link to the WBM website.
    |-Added: New features for the export templates that allow creating a multiple column table. See the ncwbfsstyle template. "Entry step" = how many entries to output between the [Entry header] and [Entry footer].
    |-Fixed: The database list wasn't refreshed after changing the settings. eg. Title colours etc.
    |-Fixed: After recent tests trying to get Direct3D working with WIn64, I accidentally got the OpenGL and Direct3D renderers mixed up.
    |-Fixed: Resetting the Original title colour in the settings dialog made it green instead of blue. That bug must've existed from day one.

    0.4.5 build 76
    |-Added: Menu item on drive pages, "Tools->FAT32/NTFS->Repair WBFS files". This will fix most problems that cause games to show as invalid in WBM. For example, the corrupt WBFS header caused by the renaming bug below and also WBFS files that haven't been trimmed correctly.
    |-Added: "Tools->WBFS->Recovery mode" now also works with WBFS files. If you have invalid entries in the list, this will allow you to transfer the games to another drive or ISO/CISO which will repair them.
    |-Fixed: A serious issue with title renaming that caused corrupt WBFS files. By not rewriting the WBFS header when renaming the title, it removes the possibility of the header getting corrupt. It doesn't need rewritten anyway, so the code shouldn't have been there.
    |-Fixed: (Issue #0000006) In WIndows XP, the visual styles cause the files list to turn black.
    |-Fixed: (Issue #0000004) When I made some changes from WiiTDB to GameTDB, I missed the titles colour entry in the setting dialog. Because it used WiiTDB and the code expected GameTDB, the colour couldn't be edited.

    0.4.4 build 73
    |-Fixed: Because I was working on new features, The cover display wasn't working correctly in unreleased test builds. Anyone that was testing should update.
    |-Fixed: The Labels in the about box and splash screen weren't transparent in XP. This was a bug in Delphi. I had to manually add "Transparent = true" to the label properties in the dfm file because the default value wasn't being applied as it should.
    |-Fixed: (Issue #0000002) When loading an invalid file via "add files" or "add folder", the error was shown in the progress panel's mini log, but the details weren't in the main log. This made it impossible to tell why the game wasn't loaded.
    |-Fixed: Trying to add a Wii ISO to the files list where the partition table was invalid would cause the thread to terminate early. Any games in the queue after the broken one wouldn't be loaded.
    |-Fixed: I missed a couple of invalid typecasts in the Win64 code that caused WBFS split files not to work. Both reading and writing were broken when the split was reached.
    |-Fixed: Database filter dialog wasn't translated correctly when setting the language.
    |-Fixed: "New language file" function was adding all the database filters to the new file. ie. all the developer/publisher names etc.


    A little while after installing the NEW software version - the automatically exported file names all look like they 'should' - the two older software versions I mentioned earlier do not export proper usable file names... Now using this program my wii can properly read all the newly converted iso's - and I do not have to mess with the file names...

    For those using other software - you may have to still manually adjust the filenames as I noted in the first post to include the Name and bracketed game code.wbfs

    I'm still curious to know answers to the above questions - perhaps an updated wii usb loader software would fix that end of it...
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    Maybe I'm not understanding this correctly.

    When I rip a game using my wii from my loader the file structure looks like this:

    G:wbfs/game title [gameid]/gameid.wbfs

    Now when I use Wii Backup Manager the structure is the exact same way.

    I don't understand what the need to rename any files. Are you renaming the .wbfs file? Or are you renaming the folder that the .wbfs file is in? Which from what I can tell either way I do it, they make the folder the way you say you want it with the game title first.

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