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Thread: Wii Converter GUI v1.7.0

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    Wii Converter GUI v1.7.0

    I just updated Wii Converter GUI to v1.7.0

    What is it?

    Wii Converter GUI is a graphical user interface around some convert tools, to make it easier for the end
    user that doesn't want to deal with command prompts. Wii Converter GUI can also gives u the
    information about a wii iso, and gives you the option to get the box-art from

    V 1.7.0 | 20 - 12 - 11
    - Added Swedish language
    - Game info will now show regio information (NTSC-U, NTSC-J, PAL, PAL-R, KOR)
    - 2D and 3D boxart will now also get US, JAP, PAL and KOR boxart.
    - Boxart grabbing will no longer freeze the application when loading the image in.
    - WBFS will display a live progress on the converting progress.
    - Convert buttons will be disabled when a progress is started, so you can't start two convertings by exident.
    - Tooltips added
    - Error message when you don't select a file.


    Have feedback or tips?: send me a pm or mail.

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    Glad you decided to post it. I or another mod will frontpage this soon.

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    Thank you for putting it on the frontpage.

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