I'm posting this to the newbie section, because it feels like a newbie question. I was going through my old possessions today and found my old gamecube games, all scratched up. It's been so long, I feel like a different person now since the Gamecube era. I think I've been blocking it out to forget an old ex tbh...

But anyway, I'd really like to play them again. I threw away my old Gamecube thinking that my Wii will play them if I ever need them. But with my discs all damaged I'll need a loader, or some other method. I have a Wii (Australian launch Wii) softmodded with the "Softmod ANY Wii" guide. I think the latest guide for Gamecube is the "Play Gamecube Backups on your Wii" (http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...-your-wii.html). Now I know I can't load them from USB with softmod, so I'll need to burn them. But will following the guide interfere with my current softmod setup, which is exactly following the latest Softmod ANY Wii guide? I always get a bit cautious with anything involving cios, and I've never done anything like mios.

And just looking to the future, when I one day have a PC capable of emulating Gamecube at full speed, is there any way to connect my Gamecube controllers to PC? With the complicated Wii Gamecube backup method (and not all games working properly on the compatibility list), as well as emulation that never looks, sounds or runs quite right (and also without real Gamecube controllers), I'm getting the sinking feeling that I'll never play Gamecube games as they were intended to be played again. Which is sad because I've always been a big time Nintendo fan, I've spent thousands of dollars on games and it's sort of been a passion for a long time (until I got dumped and didn't touch the Gamecube again :P).

Sorry if this is rambling a bit, I'm a little tired, I just got out of an exam and was hankering for some old Gamecube gaming. But for a too long didn't read, I just want to know if I can follow that guide for Gamecube games as linked above and if it will work okay with the Softmod ANY Wii guide, and also secondly I'm just curious about using a Gamecube controller on PC and what the future of emulation holds for Gamecube.

Cheers. Might nap now