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Thread: Bricked Wii - Black Screen on start up

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    Bricked Wii - Black Screen on start up

    so i bricked my wii about a year ago trying to un-softmod it. i was too caught up in trying to un-hack it so i think i may have deleted files i shouldnt have... but i dont really remember what i did. and its also that long ago that i dont have the sd card with all the mod files on it, although i was wise enough to keep my nand backup and most of the files i downloaded to softmod the wii

    i'm just posting this in hope that anyone could tell me if i can unbrick this wii and if so step by step instructions on how to, because, as i said, it was a long time ago and i dont remember anything about what i did to the wii

    thank you in advance (if someone helps)

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    even if someone tells me its impossible ! i know its close to that but i thought id post just incase

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    can someone please help !

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    I will help you by suggesting that you read the forum rules. Specifically, focusing on sections II-1-D and IV - 7.

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    50 people had viewed it thought maybe one of them mightve been abale to help me in some way ?

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    I'm not too familiar with un-bricking but I think you're going to need that sd card, to put your bootmii folder back on it with your nand backup. I don't think there's really any other way.

    P.S: There's a brick forum here... you would've been better off posting there, but patience is still required. You can start by reading through some threads there and see what is suggested by others that have your same problem (black screen on startup).
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    thanks, i didnt know there was a forum... i see alot of people getting told to look at forums first before starting a thread but i actually find it quite a hard to find what youre looking for

    thanks for the help, ill give it a read

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    could someone please delete this thread? i dont know how to and ive started a new one, so no need of this one


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