TriiForce a open source channel loader wich will have support for nand emulation, patches, and possibly ocarina. In addition, also support for the NAND emulator has been added. With this feature, it should be possible to launch a channel on an SD card, decrypteten NAND backup. For this, the channels must have been previously written with the Wad Manager in backup NAND.

In this beta version of NAND emulator code was removed. In addition, the program reads the title metadata (TMD) is now just one time. Newly added an "auto cIOS function" is, this should probably mean that the program is a matching cIOS "looking out". In addition, the program can now output debug output.

Download Triiforce r95
Source- google code

R95 Changelog
* Removed beta code nand emu
* Added some temporary debug output
* Added auto cIOS function
* Reading the tmd OnlyOnce now

NOTE: This was translated with Google