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Thread: Uniiloader and games from DVD drive, Please help !!!

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    Unhappy Uniiloader and games from DVD drive, Please help !!!

    Dear friends and experts on this area I just got wii which has already installed hombrew channel neogama softmod and also has uniloader.
    I inserted disc and neogama says drive is to new for this operation and after that I started Uniiloader which has chinese characters name in systme menu and disk started game.

    I downloaded english version of uniiloader and installed over this chinese version and now when I run uniloader it's just want start but kicking back to wii system menu please help me how it can be?

    that it worked before and after I uninstalled and installed english version it stoped working. please help me...

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    I just disassmbled wii and found another dvd dirve inside of this machine I think it's form laptop or something like this but 100% sure no wii drive .. so how can I make it work again with uniiloader...please help can somebody let me know which version of uniloader is writing chinese characters when you goinf to his channel in wii system menu?


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