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Thread: wiimc dsi exception black screen

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    wiimc dsi exception black screen

    hi i have been using wiimc for quite awhile to watch videos from youtube its has worked fine. last nite it wouldn't work kept getting dsi exceptions on the black screen. just wondering if anybody knew what is up.


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    are you accessing it through a channel ??
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    no through homebrew

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    there is a way though and that is to reinstall all ur cios .. or another solution is to update ur wiimc or redownload wiimc..
    SYSTEM MENU V4.1U .. HBC v1.0.8 .. PRIILOADER V0.7(rev 138) .. Cios d2x v7-final ... WIIFLOW r417 .. NEOGAMMA B9 rev 47 (still lookin for new ones) .. etc etc


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