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Thread: Wii not playing backup (issues)

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    Wii not playing backup (issues)


    I just installed a Wasabi Zero into my Wii. Soldered directly to board. DVD is D2C, jumpers are set correctly. Burned Upgrade disc to DVD-R at 2X

    My LED turns red then green and stays green. Firmware is 3.1U.

    I have been hearing people talking about bridging things together, is that needed?

    I have soldered and checked the wires based on the install diagram.

    The CKT wire has been double checked and is straight and not long.

    Any Ideas?

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    Another note:

    Does anyone know if A and B are connected?

    They almost look like they are connected. Can someone confirm that for me?


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    I have one of these zero's coming in the mail , i too have a D2C , it was at 3.1U but i upgraded to 3.4U . I emailed wasabi and they assured me that the zero was compatiable with 3.4U FW. It could be your Firware , thought i read on here that some games require newer firmware. If you do update you have the option to downgrade later with homebrew , i haven't done this just read about it. Let us know what happens with your install ..... the lights sound right .

    Bye the way, does your zero have the dip switches , looks to me like some do and some don't.... i ordered a solder version.

    Is this the diagram you used ?
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    Yeah mine came with the dip switches (U,D,D,D).

    I was testing with the case off. When I put the case back on, real games stopped working as well. (drive spins up but Wii says no valid disc inserted).

    I think I borked it. Tripple checked my wiring with meter and checked for anything I may have bridged. Don't see anything. I may have zapped it with ESD or something =(

    Will do more troubleshooting when I get home tonight.

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    Double check your drive ribbon cable, when i had mine appart and reassembeled it, wouldn,t shut off or eject and gave a few errors ... it was the ribbon cable not perfectly seated into its clamp , got it on straight and tight and everything was back to normal.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    I just ran home during lunch to try a few things.

    Checked the ribbon cable and gave quick whipe with a q-tip.

    I only checked the side on the DVD drive, I will check the main board when I get home.

    Also tried cleaning the lens (CD cleaner disc and a small *blow*)

    I suppose you wouldn't know if having 3.1u could be a problem would it?

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    Nope can't say for sure , i'm new to the Wii world. The dudes at wasabi told me that the zero was compatible with all known wii firmware . Could be a bad modchip i suppose , you could update to 3.4U and try it , the homebrew channel and twighlight hack won't work on 3.4 but the zero should. Are you sure your switchs are correct ? might mess things up if you had it on a wrong region.

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    So after another 4 or so hours of messing around with this thing here is where I am at:

    All original games work no problem.
    The wasabi disk that I burned on a DVD-R at 1x shows the "Game Cube" logo but reboots the wii then shows no disc.

    I have copied Call of Duty at 1x on a DVD-R. When I unplug the DVD drive (ribbon and other cable) and plug it back in then hook the system back up, the game will boot but crashes about 5-10 min in. After that the only way to get any backups to run is to pull the power from the system, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in.

    Any recommendations?

    LEDs are Red,blink, green solid.

    I'm about at my witts end =P


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    Sounds like its not reading your copied dvd well , are you using the recommended "verbatim" dvd-R disc for burning ? seems the drives in these wii's are very picky on what they like ... from what i read .

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    Na some other generic DVD-R Branch. I'll head to Frys in a bit and give it a shot =P

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