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Thread: Wii Internet browsing

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    Wii Internet browsing

    Hallo all

    I am not that familiar with the whole softmod business, but i sucessfully have softmodded my wii using frogmaui.

    I have never used the internet channel that came with my wii.

    My questions now are:
    After the softmod, is it safe to use the internet channel?
    is it safe to let it download the app or whatever it want to download? (i tried to start the channel and it asked me to install something)

    your help would be greatly appreciated.
    And if something needs to be done please give it to me as simple as possible.

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    Yes it is safe. Just be sure you have enabled the Priiloader hack for blocking online updates. You shouldn't have any problems without it, but do it anyway.
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    Ok, i will try when i get home, and i think when i used the guide to softmod it recommended to enable Priiloader blocking.


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