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Thread: Hello from a n00b and a CFG question

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    Hello from a n00b and a CFG question

    Afternoon all,

    So far I have found everything I have needed from the site and have modded my 4.3E wii with some success.

    I just have a couple of niggles that I would like to get sorted. I'm currently using CFG loader, with a channel added for this and am happy with this
    but I would like to autoboot into this. I know involves moving the boot.dol files but from reading i believe there is more than one .dol file.

    Can anyone advise which .dol file I need to move and is autoboot possible using Priiloader.

    I have tried to set Priiloader to boot into HBC but it doesn't.

    Would it just be easier for me to use Wiiflow and Priiloader?



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    ok so a small update.

    I loaded into priiloader and I looked for the usb forwarder.dol.

    it was there and when I clicked on load cfg loaded fine. So I then clicked install
    which it did fine.

    when in priiloader and I run installed file cfg boots fine, all is ok here.

    when I try and set priiloader to autoboot to installed file it doesnt?. My wii just
    loads to the system home screen.

    any suggestions peeps.




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