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Thread: Problem with wasabi modchip

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    Problem with wasabi modchip


    I just installed a Wasabi DX and cannot get to the Wasabi menu after pressing the eject button 3 times.

    Wasabi led is red when I first turned on my Wii. When I pressed the eject button 3 times the red led went off. There was no led light after that.

    I switched on and off the wii. Again the red led was on. This time i inserted an original game and the led turned green. I was able to play the game.

    I switched off and on again. Same as above, the red led turned off when I pressed the reset button 3 times. When I inserted the original game my wii does not even read the disc at all.

    The led light shows that I have connected correctly but I just don't understand why it doesnt go to the wasabi menu. I tried toogling between NTSC and PAL but still it wont go to the wasabi menu.

    Below is my machine detail
    1) GC2-D2C (v1)
    2) Wiil System menu V3.1U

    Appreciate any guidance.

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