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Thread: Wiisx issue with Suikoden 2 controls

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    Wiisx issue with Suikoden 2 controls

    I have been visiting this site for quite some time now and have modded many a wii due to the helpful information located here. However I am still in need of assistance regarding my problem with wiisx and suikoden 2.
    With all issues I have had in the past this site has been my resource to resolve it. For the life of me I have searched everywhere to sort out this issue and hence my eventual post to the pros.

    No controller setup works with this game, gc controller, wii with nunchuck, classic controller pro. The game goes to continue on its own and tries to load from mem card slot 1 & 2 constantly. I have tried multiple controller configurations but to no avail.

    Wiisx version is 2.1

    I have already posted this in the introduction forum but assume its the wrong place, sorry for the re-post

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    Please guys,some help would be greatly appreciated

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    those pesky rules:
    d) Responses depend on the availability, expertise, and good-nature of other members and staff. Do not “bump” your post within 24 hours of posting.
    7. Bumping your post tends to irritate members. Try and wait patiently for a response. Spend the time searching and reading. If you receive no response after 24 hours, please re-read your post. Chances are a rewrite is needed.


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