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Thread: WBFS Manager wont transfer .iso's to external HDD

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    Question WBFS Manager wont transfer .iso's to external HDD

    Here's my issue. I've already successfully softmodded my 4.3u using LetterBomb and I already have some homebrew and games running on it. WiiFlow, HomeBrew Browser, newest builds of ConfigUSB Loader, NeoGamma, WiiMC, and PriiLoader. My .iso's were given to me by my cousin on an external HDD, and I'm trying to transfer them to the external drive my games are running from (which is formatted into WBFS, and I never have an issue adding .iso files). When I go to add the .iso to my drive (I use WBFS for Mac OSX), the transfer screen shows up for about a second, I get the confirmation tone, and nothing new is on my drive. Like I said I have already moved some .iso's over and they work fine. I'm kind of dumb founded here. I'm wondering if maybe it's a bad .iso? And if so, how can I tell? I can tell you there's some that need to be extracted from .rar files (between 14 and 58 parts depending on the size of the game), and the .iso's extracted are between 1 and 5GB.

    Quick system run-down:
    Mac OS X 10.6.8
    2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    8GB 1067 MHz DDR3
    Use "WBFS for Mac OS X" for .iso/.wbfs management
    Use "UnRarX" for file extraction

    External HDD running the games:
    Wester Digital MyPassport 320GB External HDD (7200RPM)
    2.0 USB
    Formatted to "WBFS"
    NO extra partitions
    BUS powered

    External HDD given to me with the .iso's:
    Maxtor OneTouch 320GB External HDD (5600RPM)
    Formatted to "FAT32"
    NO extra partitions
    Externally powered

    Any help with the transferring of the .iso's, or insight as to why my "manager" does that would be great! Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!

    *UPDATE* After a bunch more searching I found "WiiJManager" It seems to be adding the .iso's with no issues. I've been at this for a long while tonight and I'm tired so I'll update again tomorrow.

    **UPDATE** So after a lot of trial and error I've gotten the .iso's to transfer over onto the drive. My next question is this: Why do my .iso's load to a black screen and freeze? From what I've read, I'm assuming it's got something to do with the cios the game is trying to use to load up. I've read that you can change this to make the games run, but I'm unsure of the process. I've done lots of searching on here, and it's very informative, but getting a straight answer is kinda rough. I've got multiple USB loaders, a few of which are configurable. I've got all of the cIOS wads that are recommended installed, everything is up to date. I've also already run SysCheck, and have the file readily available to post if needed. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I just feel like I'm doing a whole lot of work for very little results. Thanks in advanced guys!
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    ya im having the same problem, i checked the sfv file and everything is ok, but when i drag the iso into wbfs mac, it loads, makes the chime sound, but no iso in wbfs mac. Is it because it is a custom iso someone modified?

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