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Thread: Priiloader not installing currectly

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    Priiloader not installing currectly

    hey when I install priiloader it installs but at the bottom in green about 6 or 7 files say not found so they don't install.

    Then I load priiloader and go to system menu hacks and it says
    can't find fat:/apps/priiloader/hacks_hash.ini
    can't find Hacks_hash.ini on nand

    How can I correctly install priiloader?

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    Copy this text into a file, save it as hacks_hash.ini, and put it in SD:/apps/priiloader/ and then install Priiloader. Note that once you install and configure Priiloader you won't need the file on the SD card, it will be stored on the Wii's NAND (internal memory).
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