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Thread: How easy is it brick your wii?

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    How easy is it brick your wii?

    I've read that its very easy to brick your wii. Is this true? Is there a way to back up my wii?

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    Yes, it is quite easy to brick your wii if you mess with untested channels and other .wads. However, if you don't install any you don't need you probably won't brick, and be sure to get the .wad from a trusted source, and other people have verified it works. The best measure of protection are Bootmii, boot2 is the best however ios can help, and Priiloader. Priiloader and bootmii as ios can save like 90% of most bricks, with boot2 you are about 99% unbrickable, only a hardware failure can brick you. Just be careful and don't screw around with a wad manager, and you will be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kurite View Post
    Is there a way to back up my wii?
    Yes! Follow the mauifrog softmod any wii guide and you will have a safely softmodded wii with a backup and multiple recovery options. Also read through the recommended guides to find gems like:



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