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Thread: wad wiiware games reboot system

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    wad wiiware games reboot system

    when i select a .wad wiiware game to play and hit start, the system reboots.

    i followed the twilight/downgrade/starfall/gammatutorial to downgrade my ntsc wii from 3.3u to 3.2u. i then used wad installer v1.3 to create the channels for wiiware games from .wad files on my sd card. when i choose a game channel the start screen appears, but reboots the system when i click start.

    all games were acquired through the WiiWare Megapack 5.7gb

    any help will be very appreciated

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    install Cios 37

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    Quote Originally Posted by doobe View Post
    all games were acquired through the WiiWare Megapack 5.7gb
    wow how much stuff is on there lol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    install Cios 37
    thx for the quick response admiral

    installed cios37 and i still have the same problem. after i create a wiiware channel and try to run it, the wii reboots to the home menu.

    any other ideas?

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    try getting another one, it might help...

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    had the same problem...but just ran update from ssbb and everything worked fine after that

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    when i install cios 37, it shows up as ios 249 in any title deleter. this is not fixing my problem.

    regarding the ssbb update.. i do not have the game so does anyone know what this update is doing and whether it can be accomplished without the game?

    also, does anyone have a list of what ioss show up in any title deleter on a working system?

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    most people just download and update from the game since its only a IOS

    and no because theres too many people can have, and its based off installs

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    i tried every ios 37 rev 2....3 all of them and finally just popped in ssbb and did update....if you have to buy one game on the wii let it be ssbb its the best game on wii period

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    wiiware games reboot

    I have the latest cios installed and 2 games from wiiware (fun fun mini golf, sudoku) both work fine. today i installed arkanoid plus and poker texas the instalation was good but when i tried to run both of the games it goes to th eelaunch menu i hit star and then it reboot...someone can help?

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