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Thread: Noob here.. Few Questions. aka: Bootmii, cios, and hbc installed - now what?

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    Noob here.. Few Questions. aka: Bootmii, cios, and hbc installed - now what?

    Ok.. I used the ModMii wizard and ran through the default install of everything on the Wii that went flawlessly. I selected the option to load games from fat32, which makes it install usbloader (I think). HBC loads fine and I can get into priiloader and bootmii just fine. I guess I'm getting confused by all the different loaders, forwarders, nand redirectors, slots, and etc. I'm waiting for UPS to arrive with my compatible external hd enclosure.

    So I'm basically wondering what all I need to install to do what I want. Here's my scenario. I have twin 5yr old boys and I'd like for them to be able to load original discs, play backed up discs off of hd (I'll likely backup our originals to the hd eventually), and play wiiware games. I'm hoping I can make it easy enough for them to work.

    Is it really necessary to use nand emulation for wiiware titles? Should I use sneek, uneek, wiiflow or ??
    For usb loading, usbloader gx is what I want?
    Is Neogamma only for loading backup discs?
    What about postloader, which seems to run in place of several things? Would that make it easier for my little ones?
    Channel forwarders are basically just channels on the main menu that jump to a certain app right? What's mighty channels used for?

    I know what a cios is, but I'm confused about the term "slots". Why wouldn't the same ios/cios go into the same # slot?

    I'm proficient with linux, but this wii is an entirely different animal heh.. Eventually I wanna do some console/arcade emulation and a few other homebrew apps but I'll deal with that later

    Hopefully I'm not flamebait with this post. Thank you for providing a noob section in the forums and to anyone who can offer any help.

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    I'm fairly new too but i can answer some of them:

    Neogamma: For the most part it is used for running backed up discs, but if as far as I know if you have a original disc that is causing problems on your softmodded wii, neogamma may be able to help you.

    USB Loading: like many things everyone is going to have their own opinion. From my short experience it seems like usb loader gx, cfg loader, and wiiflow are the 3 most popular, and you should be good with any of them based on personal preference.

    Yes channel forwarders are basically links/shortcuts. The difference is that they are technically applications and can include more complicated logic, such as checking a series of locations rather than just one.

    Sorry i have no experience in nand emulation, hopefully someone can offer some advice there.

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