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Thread: Help ~ Black screen with one particular game/no other problems

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    Help ~ Black screen with one particular game/no other problems

    I've Priiloader, Coverfloader & HBC on my Wii and I've come to a little problem
    All my channels & games work properly (All my games are legally buyed in the shop, As I still don't understand how to play cracked games lol) only with one I have a problem...
    When I try to start Mario Kart Wii, and I go in the Disk-Channel & I press on 'Load' Or 'Start' or anything (I've the Dutch version so idk ), It always go to a black screen & stops there. I only have this with this one game. All my other games are running properly. Although I have Mario Kart already from 2008, It would suprise me if it's the disk that is broken, it has barely any scratch on it or anything. It also loads in the disk channel so that couldn't be the problem I suppose?

    Would really be happy if someone could help me out, It's my fave game lol.

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    That game should not give you any trouble. I suggest ripping the original again.

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    Could you refer me to a tutorial for this (a)

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    Also, The game has been tested by a friend of me, it works over there, now what to do?

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