Square Enix Ltd. has today confirmed that the forthcoming Army Corps of Hell will be available alongside the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) console when it launches early next year. Army Corps of Hell sees players take control the King of Hell, who has been banished and is seeking to reclaim his throne with the help of an army of goblin soldiers. After having been defeated in battle the King of Hell was stripped of his powers and banished from his throne. Burned to a meagre corpse, the dethroned king uses the last of his strength to take command of a corps ofweak-minded goblins. He commands this ragtag army of bloodthirsty goblins as he fights through hell to reclaim his throne, destroying his enemies and looting their corpses for equipment along the way.

Army Corps of Hell has now been confirmed to launch alongside the PS Vita console in February 2012. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Army Corps of Hell and other forthcoming titles from Square Enix.